Thinking Ahead: An Ideal Comprehensive Marketing Plan for 2019

While it is only mid-2018, it is a great time for a marketing budget review. It’s also a great time to look ahead to 2019 and start working on the idea comprehensive marketing plan for your business for 2019. So what is that going to look like? Does it vary from business to business? Here are some questions to ask to help you plan ahead.

Is your site mobile responsive as part of your comprehensive marketing plan?Is your website mobile / responsive?

If you haven’t updated your website to be responsive yet, this is a priority. It may be something you want to reserve some of your marketing budget for yet this year. With Google implementing the mobile-first index, and more than 50 percent of web traffic happening on mobile devices you may not want to wait till 2019. Call us for a free website quote. We can either update your existing design or come up with a fresh design for 2019!

being ready for voice search is an important part of your comprehensive marketing plan for 2019Are you ready for voice search?

Tech Crunch says that 47.3 million people have a smart speaker in their home. Some are saying that at some point, Google, Apple, Amazon etc. will need to monetize this platform with ads. It is a fact that people are changing the way they search with the rise of the use of voice search devices and mobile phones with voice search options (like Siri). In terms of optimizing your website for this type of search you need to have an SEO team that thinks about search PHRASES, not just keywords.

local SEO will be more important for your comprehensive marketing plan in 2019Your phone knows where you are, so is your site optimized for local search?

Location information is used on your mobile device so that if you are on vacation and you search for a restaurant near you, it will return local results. People search for everything from local landmarks and places to visit when they travel to help to find someone local for a service they need. It’s extremely important to stay on top of local SEO to return results in this area. In 2019, this will become even more important.

Have you considered video ads for your comprehensive marketing plan in 2019?Ads during videos on Facebook and YouTube will become more important.

More and more people are watching YouTube and Facebook video (as well as other video streaming services.) You might have even noticed that when you watch a video on Facebook you have to watch an ad halfway through the video to continue watching. We will notice a shift from TV ads to more ads on Facebook, YouTube, and other stream and display services.

Share live video as part of your comprehensive marketing plan in 2019Live video will continue to grow.

If you want to share something about your business, just do it! With tools like Facebook Live, live streaming on YouTube, and Perescope on Twitter, there are numerous ways for you to reach people directly as things happen. If you are a contractor on a job site you can share how the job is progressing. If you have a new product in your store you can share it with people the day you get it. There is no faster way to get information to your followers and grow followers in the process.

Things will continue to grow and change as 2019 draws near, at POGO Marketing we are staying on top of the trends so you don’t have to. Look for more news for trends coming in 2019 including web design trends, print trends and more in the coming months. If you have any questions on how we can help you with any of the items above, or if you would like help making your own comprehensive marketing plan for 2019, give us a call today.

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