Prospective customers or clients want to know your company’s brand before they interact with you directly. If they aren’t sure who you are or what you have to offer, they won’t do business with you. So no matter the product or service, your brand must powerfully and accurately convey what you stand for, including the value you bring to your customers or clients. POGO Marketing can help you define your business’s identity so that your customers or clients choose YOU.

Creating a brand is more complex than you may think. The process begins with your corporate logo and messaging, which will most likely include a designated color scheme that ties to your logo. It may also include a tagline or caricature. During the branding process, the various applications for your logo must be taken into account. For example, you will not want an intricate logo if you plan to embroider it on apparel because the fine detail will be lost. The number of colors used in a logo should also be considered. Although technology has continued to advance driving down print production costs, four color printing is still more expensive than one or two color printing. Moreover, certain colors can be difficult to reproduce with consistency. These are the types of branding decisions POGO Marketing can help you make.

Consistent Branding is Key

After your logo and color schemes have been decided, it’s time to focus on the branding of your front line marketing materials. These items, which include your website, company brochures, forms, stationery, signage, and other media, enable you to function as a branded company on a day-to-day basis. With your branding items established, you are ready to focus on a marketing campaign to raise customer and client awareness.

Here at POGO Marketing, we show this same attention to detail in every branding project we work on. Whether it’s through a corporate brochure, website or direct mail piece, our customers and future clients can always rely on the fact that we are here to help you grow one step and one marketing decision at a time. Call Us Today!

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