Standing Out, Being Memorable

Does SEO Really Help if People Don’t Remember Your Brand?

How can you use branding to stand out?So you have your SEO marketing team working on your website and you are starting to rank really well for keywords relevant to your website. That’s just what you want, right? Absolutely! However, if you don’t have a memorable BRAND, does it really matter?

Branding 101

Half the battle is getting your website found on search. The other, maybe more important part of the battle is getting people to remember you and care about your brand. How can you make people remember you? By building a brand that sticks in their minds! Here are some tips to get you thinking about your own brand:

  1. Logos mean so much. If you have a clean, easy to read logo that looks good anywhere you use it, you are off to a good start. If you are re-branding yourself, it is important to start here first and build out. If you have a new business, this is square one.
  2. Colors that please create leads. There is actually a psychology to color, believe it or not. Kissmetrics says that certain colors actually lead to more conversions. It’s definitely something to consider when it comes to your website and other marketing materials.
  3. People don’t just find you on your website. Create the opportunity for being found by creating and managing social profiles and branding them to match your logo, colors, and website. Local directories can be claimed and branded as well and all of these options can be found in search and also boost your local SEO rankings in the process.
  4. Keep it clean. You don’t have to have a bunch of STUFF on your website to be memorable. In fact, the easier your site is to manage the more likely people are to stay and move around on it. This also can help with website rankings as Google takes queues from their users on how they feel about a website from their behavior on that site.
  5. Easy navigation is key. Search Engine Journal says that your site navigation plays into your SEO authority. There is no question that easy navigation affects the users on your site and how they view it. Either way, you want to keep this in mind when putting your site together.

Keep in mind that your website design will influence your print design as well. From business cards to billboards, you want your brand the same across all of it. Digital Marketing allows you to reach out through social media marketing and ads as well as Google Adwords, and other forms of online marketing using your brand as well. By keeping things consistent and easy to read and understand throughout, your chance of convert website visitors to actual customers goes way up.

Find a Branding Partner You Can Trust

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