Wix versus Custom Websites: Things to Think About

Many times, people ask us why they just can’t create a website on Wix. The answer is YOU CAN. But the other question you should ask is if you should.

Why are custom websites better than Wix?

Wix is a website builder that is very handy and great for peole wanting a website but aren’t super technical. Wix would be considered a all-inclusive website builder in the world of drag and drop website builders. One of the first problems you have is that your website is on their servers. As soon as you stop paying for services you loose that website. You can only access your website through an admin panel. You have no control over your website files. Custom websites allow you access to every single part of your website in most cases. One way to look at it is the difference between buying or leasing a car. You can pick the colors and styles, but in the end you really don’t own the website.

Domains and Wix

With custom websites you get your own domain

If you use the free version of Wix, which is part of the draw, you have to use a domain with wix.com in it. (website.wix.com) If you are familiar with SEO or search engine optimization this already throws a bit of a red flag. Your domain can say a lot about your website when people are searching for you, so does the wix.com part help with that? Not really. If you have a custom site you can purchase the domain that best describes your company, which can be helpful to Google and to real live people searching for you. If you want to use your own domain with Wix you are going to have to get a premium plan.

Technical SEO and Wix

With a custom website you control all possible SEO

While Wix in most cases an present a very easy to navigate site, which can be great for SEO, that is where the benefits stop when it comes to Wix and SEO. Because Wix only has an admin and you don’t have access to site files, there are major limitations when it comes to performing anything beyond basic SEO on a Wix website. If you are a business or brand that will depend on SEO for the growth of your business, Wix is very likely not for you. A custom website allows you to be in control of all possible factors in the SEO realm from content updates to the more technical, code-related side of SEO that really allows your site to improve in search over time.

In the end, Wix allows convenience but lack of any real control when it comes to building a website. Adding additional code to a Wix website outside of what is offered is nearly impossible.

POGO Marketing can build you a custom website with a content management system in place so you still have the ability to make updates yourself, which is one of the main reasons people turn to a website builder like Wix. So stay in control, of your website, your SEO, and your other digital marketing with a custom built website from POGO Marketing. Quotes are free, so call us today.

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