Why Branding is Important: Build your Business

The Building Blocks of a Good Business

branding for your business

It may seem like a small thing, but having good branding for your business can drastically affect how successful your business is. A clean, professional logo is the best place to start and we can help! We have decades of experience creating great branding for all types of companies. A logo is the best way to gain recognition. Depending on your business, we may decide that your logo could be your business name, just an image, or a graphic.

On top of a logo, we can help you with logo variations. This could include logos for newspaper ads, social media profiles, and more. Having logo variations will help you maintain professionalism across all platforms, but you need professional who will know exactly how to create a logo that is recognizable and able to be used in those instances.

More than a Logo

A consistent color palette will help you create even more recognizable branding for your business. We’ll help you pick one or two colors that will be representative of your business. Using the same colors across your website, ads, social media, and products or packaging helps people remember your business. Good color palettes will attract customers, build familiarity with past customers, and even raise the value of your brand.

We here at POGO Marketing will also help you choose a font. It may seem trivial, but the font you use for your logo and other branding is important. It can quickly communicate a lot about your business including level of professionalism, what you sell or do, and quality. Once again, it also is good to keep it consistent across branding to gain familiarity with your customers.

One last thing that we can help you with is a slogan or tagline. Not all businesses need a slogan or tagline, and we can help you decide if you do! A catchy phrase can draw a lot of business because of recognition and being memorable helps your business thrive. For all these services and more, contact us today! We’re excited to work with you and help your business grow.


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