Trends to Try for Social Media Management

This year has seen many changes for social media marketing, and to keep your social media influence relevant and engaging it’s important to keep up with those trends. We know that you may not have time as a small business owner (or large corporation) to operate and manage your social media profiles on a daily basis, and this is where we come in. We keep track of the trends, and we make sure that your page is engaging and interesting through emerging methods of social media management. What’s new this year? Influencers recommend products and services, algorithms are improving to create authenticity, and videos and “stories” are taking over in relevance and importance.

Who are Influencers?

social media management girl on laptopThese are people who may be recognized as “Instgram famous,” and they are a trusted source that is not necessarily attached to any one particular brand. Companies may ask this “influencer” to recommend their products or the influencer may recommend what they like without sponsorship. People are more trusting of these influencers because they don’t feel like they’re a corporate entity trying to get the customer to buy. Influencers feel like regular people who you can trust to recommend you the best product and not just sell you what they need to to meet the bottom line.

How can you utilize influencers? What if you have a small business? While you can try to reach out to established influencers in your specific business community, sometimes with a small business it can be better to reach out to your local “influencers.” These people are those who are always on top of the newest trends, young professionals, and other trusted figures in the community who can make great recommendations that customers trust. Influencers don’t need to be famous for them to make an impact on your business and marketing strategies.

Improved Algorithms Impact Social Media Marketing

In days past, it used to be important to get as many likes, shares, and comments without regard to their content or interaction with other comments because that was how the algorithms worked. Posts used to flow in chronological order with the newest first and older posts in descending order. As times have changed, so have social media algorithms. While it’s still important to get likes, shares, and comments to improve engagement and interaction, now the focus should not only be “share this post” but why the customer should share the post. Will this post bring engagement to their friends on the topic? Will they also be interested? Will the comments this post generates cause discussion and engagement with the brand. The goal now is to create authentic interaction and interest instead of brand-dominated presence. This can be difficult for brands to adapt to, but it’s not impossible. More in-depth thought is required for each post and how it will be received.

Additionally, posts on most social media applications are not in chronological order anymore. Algorithms instead rank the posts on what you, the user, might be interested in most first. This makes it even more important to have that engagement from the beginning organically to assure that your target audience will see the posts that you are curating for them.

Videos and Stories Gain Importance

social media management iconsWhile Snapchat has been slightly decreasing in users because of possible unwelcome changes by the company to the interface, other platforms and video applications are surging in use. This is due in part to the Facebook algorithm marking videos as positive and showing them to users more frequently. Additionally, platforms like Instagram are seeing an increase in the Story function. This is a daily video snippet you can tell the “story” of your day on. How is this useful for brands?

The Facebook Live and Instagram Story feature can be an amazing asset for your business, especially small businesses. How? You can show your customers exactly what goes on in a day for you. You can do a Facebook Live Q&A to answer live questions from guests, show the process of production for a product, show how the kitchen runs and how food is cooked, etc. With an Instagram Story, you can either show videos or photos, and they will be posted to your story. Additionally, there is a “live” function you can utilize. With an Instagram Story, you could post photos from a job completed, a video of a customer interaction, etc. There are endless options that will display what you do at your business and position you as real people who care about their customers instead of a faceless corporation.

Keep Your Brand Relevant with POGO Marketing

Keeping up with social media management trends may sound like a lot of work, but POGO Marketing can take care of it for you. We are experienced professionals in the world of social media management, and we find that it works closely with the maintenance of your website as well. We can update certain things in unison and make sure that your brand is fluid and consistent. Let us take care of your social media and keep your brand relevant. Give us a call today to find out more, and get started on social media management.

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