Staying on top of Social Media

News came today that Google + is going away. The reason was two fold…a privacy breach affecting half a million users and the plain fact that no one really uses it anymore.


How do you stay on top of social media changes?So how do you know what social media platforms are going to stick around? What is going to be the next big thing? The answer is you really don’t know. Technology is changing so fast that it is very hard to keep up. As social marketers, we have to recognize that social platforms change every day. You have to look at each as a tool that can benefit you today, and always be looking at what might be that tool tomorrow.

Facebook is making changes all the time: In the way we view data and insights, in the way that it allows us to target potential customers through ads, and in the way it allows us to show ads in a feed. Instagram used to be the social platform that was for the user. It was all about content and photos. Now it has become one of the biggest platforms of 2018 for businesses and ads are prevalent all over Instagram. Pinterest shows boards in search results, so how can you ignore it as a potential tool for people searching for a product or service? And Twitter hashtags show up in search too, so you need to be on top of the hashtags people are using and make them work for you.

Sure seems like a lot of work. In reality, it really IS a lot of work. It’s good to have a team staying on top of all these changes for you. Most business owners know that they need to be present on social media to build their presence but either don’t have the time or know how to really make it work for them. We can help. We offer social media packages that are custom – geared to make your phone ring, to make people chat with you on your website, put things in the cart, and fill out those forms. Call us – we can figure out what platforms will work for your business. What’s amazing is we can re-evaluate monthly to figure out if what we think should work for you IS working for you and adjust as needed.

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