Social Media and Your Small Business

Get more bang for your buck out of Social Media Advertising

Using social media ads for small business in Peoria, ILWhen you are a small business owner, it’s hard to find time to do anything more than run your business. Taking time out to do marketing for your own business is nearly impossible. Having a big budget for marketing is also probably not a reality either. Don’t worry though. There are solutions to your marketing woes. These solutions come in the form of social media ads. Two very popular platforms are Facebook and Instagram, and they very well could elevate your sales to the next level.


Return on Investment from Social Media Ads

Many business owners think that posting on Facebook or Instagram is enough. This really isn’t the case. However, by connecting your Facebook and Instagram accounts together, and placing ads or using boosted posts, you can achieve great things!

social media advertising in Peoria, ILARTICLE: Social media ads with 450% ROI average

With social media advertising (and other forms of digital marketing like SEO) your digital marketing company can help you track return on investment. By using tools available in Facebook Insights as well as with Google Analytics on your website you can learn a lot about your ROI. With Facebook Insights you can see the overall impressions and clicks that a boosted post or ad had. With Google Analytics you can see how much referral traffic you got from Facebook or Instagram. Our team has a few advanced tactics. With these tactics, you can even see if those referrals converted into contact with your client via an email form on your website. We can even go one step farther. We can track calls that you got from your website that originated from social media!

Facebook vs. Google – Why not Google Adwords?

We definitely aren’t saying Google Adwords isn’t a good choice for a small business. There are definitely benefits to both depending on your budget.

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concerts-1150042_1920One thing that we have been able to prove through years of using both Google Adwords and Facebook and Instagram ads is that both methods have their merits. But we’ve also found that if you have a small budget you can still reach a large audience through social media. Does this mean you shouldn’t use Google Adwords? Not necessarily. With a fine tuned set of ads and campaigns in Adwords you can reach a lot of people with your budget. Facebook has an extremely large audience. In the first quarter of 2017 Facebook reported a whopping 1.94 BILLION active users on Facebook. You definitely want to get in front of your local share of that audience. You can do this with a very small budget.

How to get started on Social Media

So where do you begin? POGO Marketing can help. We offer social media marketing with a budget for Facebook included. We provide reports to show return on investment. We even offer digital marketing packages that include other forms of marketing, like search engine optimization that includes call tracking to really define your return on investment. Call us for a free digital marketing analysis today. You can also just click the button below. We can even show you the audience you would reach for any given dollar amount in your area. Get started today!

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