Is Social Media Right for Your Business?

A question (and a comment) we hear a lot from potential digital marketing clients goes as follows:Is social media right for your business

“Is Social Media really for me? I don ‘t see how Facebook could really help me.”

We understand why people could think this. Many people aren’t even on social media personally, why would they be on it for their business? We would like to share a few really important reasons to consider social media management and marketing for your business. The argument for social media is compelling for your business’ bottom line. Here’s why:

  1. It’s not just about using social media to sell your product or service, it’s about building awareness for your BRAND. 

    Whether you are a small local brick and mortar shop or a larger business offering services in a service area, you won’t get very far if people don’t know you exist. Social platforms are a great way to get people familiar with who you are and what products and services you offer. If you make sure you are consistent with your branding on your social media posts across your social media profiles you can really make a memorable impact on the people that see your posts.

  2. Social profiles can be returned in search results.

    You have to think of each social profile you have as a potential way to be found. If you think about the fact that posts and profiles can be returned in a search engine result for social platforms like Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter, it’s hard to ignore how it could be helpful to you. It’s just another way you can have people make their way to your website or learn more about you.

  3. You can’t beat the cost for the ads.

    While social media ads aren’t for every business, they can’t be beat when it comes to cost. While the conversion rate and click through rate vary by industry quite a bit, the cost is low across the board. When we work with a potential social media client we will take a look at your industry and see if ads are right for you. We can also review what platforms are most successful for your business. It’s good to know that you can get in front of new people at a low cost with ads, no matter who you are.

So to review, social media management and marketing allows you to build awareness for your brand and get found more frequently at a low cost. To not consider how this can work for your business puts you behind your competition. To learn more about how social media management and marketing can help you, contact the team at POGO Marketing today!

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