SEO and it’s Evolution

SEOSearch Engine Optimization has become an all encompassing term for website maintenance, content writing, and more. Over the last 20 years, SEO has grown along with search engine algorithm changes. Initially, SEO aligned very closely with web development. Making sure that a website’s code is crawlable and indexable was the main goal.

Some of the first techniques used were keyword stuffing and link buying. Keyword stuffing included using a page’s keyword as many times as possible. Link buying aimed to get as many good links as possible onto your pages. These practices were cracked down on by Google and other search engines who began to catch on to this. Google also targeted low quality content and links and penalized them and their rankings.

More Modern SEO Methods

From here, it became necessary to focus more on quality content and links. This led to greater site experience for visitors. A website that was easy to navigate, creative, and focused on informative content won out. Social media and video content also found its way into SEO.

Today, voice search has drastically affected SEO and know keywords and phrases are becoming more complex. Search Engine Optimization is a service that brings together many different ideas. It has become invaluable for businesses and their websites as most of the traffic to websites is organic; meaning through searches. We here at POGO Marketing can help you with your website’s SEO. Contact us today to learn more about this service and how it can help you bring more traffic to your website and therefore your business.

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