Logo Design Tips

Your business logo helps your marketing material maintain consistency from website to brochures to stationery to coffee mugs. This sends a message of stability and professionalism to your customers. Stay consistent!

When deciding on a concept for your business logo, avoid complex detail since it probably will not reproduce clearly when reduced in size. The most effective logos are simple logos. Keep it simple!

Your business logo can convey moods and ideas such as power, approachability, tradition, integrity, or playfulness in one quick, visual impression. Think carefully about your message and your targeted audience before finalizing your logo.

In order to make the right impression, the font style of your business logo must be selected carefully. For a traditional look, consider a serif font such as Times New Roman. If you are marketing to women, consider a font with thinner, more creative lines such as Papyrus, or a script such as Scriptina or Windsong. Use sans-serif fonts such as Arial and Comic Sans for a more contemporary look.

Depending on your needs and preferences, your business logo can be text only, symbol only, or a combination of the two. A combination of symbol and text gives your logo the most versatility because the two components can be oriented differently (i.e. horizontally, vertically) depending on the marketing materials used. When selecting your business logo, provide yourself with as many options as possible!

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