You Launched Your New Website, Now What?

The first question that our clients always want an answer to is “How will people find me?”

How will my New Website be Found?

It’s a good question. You’ve built your new website and it is beautiful and ready for visitors. But just how to do you get visitors to your website? Most people don’t realize that being found in search results of a search engine requires special work. In the digital marketing world, to be found in an organic search result you need something called SEO or search engine optimization. This is ongoing work that is done on your website to continually make it appealing to search engines algorithms. These algorithms are literally ever changing. Google and other search engines are always trying to answer search queries with relevant results and over the years the way this is done has changed dramatically.

So what first? The SEO Basics.

In recent months, Google has focused on a few things that are extremely…HUMAN!

It used to be that having keywords people would use to search for your business was all that mattered. Content on your site was stuffed full of keywords and that alone would help you rank. But with the inception of voice search and devices like Google Home, Apple Homepod, and Amazon Echo, search giants like Google have geared search results to more than just the keywords you use in your search. User intent and user experience are key. Keywords and phrases are important, but beyond that are users interfacing with the content on your website? Are they visiting multiple pages? Are they contacting you through forms and phone calls? POGO can help you monitor how your website is performing to make sure that not only are you ranking well for keywords and phrases important to your business but you are providing relevant content and information that will keep people engaged with your website.

Local SEO Can Help Match You with Local Customers

If you are a local business and depend on the communities around you for customers you also need to focus on Local SEO. You want to show up in the Google 3 pack. Google knows the location of your search and your customers’ proximity to you is the number one factor in showing well in local search results. Google needs to understand where you are located and what other locals think of you to consider you for high placement in local search results. POGO can assist you with onsite and offsite SEO that can dramatically improve your results.

For SEO, we understand that tracking leads is the best way for our customers to know it is working for them. This is part of what we do when you work with POGO Marketing. Let’s take your website to the next level! Call and get a free proposal for digital marketing today.

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