How to Stay on Top of SEO for 2019

Stay One Step Ahead: SEO for the Holiday Season

It’s important to know that SEO is constantly changing; it can even change from one day to the next. In order to have the best optimization for your website, you need to do research. Looking at past and current trends will allow you to stay a step ahead of the next change. The end of 2018 is approaching fast, so it is best to start planning for 2019 now. Before that, you need to know what factors affect your SEO. It comes down to three different factors:

  • Devices accessing your website
  • Current algorithms
  • Search Result Page layouts

Devices and How They Affect SEO

SEO Trends for 2019

Devices have a huge impact on optimization. Voice searches have become hugely popular and that has affected search results. The way people are searching is changing, and different results are showing up because of it. For example, the increase of people searching for locations “near me” rather than searching for a specific location has drastically changed how results are shown. With the holidays approaching and new devices making their way into the market, these changes will likely continue to affect search results.

Algorithms are Constantly Changing

Next are algorithms. Probably one of the hardest trends to adjust to. Google changes their algorithms nearly every day, and with machine learning becoming ever more present, it will soon be in a state of constant change. What is evident as of now though is that user intent is becoming a large focus. Is your site fulfilling the needs of those who come to it?

SERPs can Affect your Website

Search result page (SERPs) layouts change more often than you might think. The information that appears for searches changes. For example, when looking at travel searches, price ranges began appearing for hotels and flights. This can affect which websites appear first for searches.

Knowing your SEO do’s and dont’s for the upcoming year can help your website get more traffic and therefore more leads. Stay on top of trends and be one step ahead where you can!

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