Recognizing Great Web Developers

With so many web design and development companies out there, how do you choose?

Just in Peoria, IL alone there are at least a dozen web design and development companies. It can be hard to determine what makes one of them better than another. While we think we are the best choice here at POGO Marketing, we will let you decide.

Three things that make a great web developer:

coding doesn't make the web developer alone1. Getting beyond the coding. Don’t get us wrong, a broad knowledge of all types of coding is definitely important. But what takes someone to the next level is their ability to understand the human side of web development. This means a developer needs to be able to understand how the website they’re creating will work for ACTUAL PEOPLE. Being able to understand current design trends, navigation architecture, and user experience will make a development much more balanced.


A good web developer understands their audience2. Understanding the audience. Secondly, a good developer will understand the audience for the website they are building. This usually involves having a direct relationship with the rest of the team involved with a client’s website. Most of the time, this team includes web designers, digital marketers, print designers, and other members. If a web developer can look beyond the code and understand the audience, it will contribute to a successful development both for the team and for the client.


web developers should stay current with coding3. Staying current with the latest practices. Thirdly, web developers need to stay current with all types of coding. So many web developers out there “specialize” in a type of code. This is great, because that means they will be very good at it. The problem with that is new code and updated coding methods are introduced all the time. A truly great web developer will make it their business to stay on top of what is new, and learn these practices so that they can give their client the best product possible.

POGO Marketing Web Development in Peoria, IL

So, while you may hear the terms HTML, PHP, JS, and SQL being thrown around, what’s truly important is how well rounded your web developer is. At POGO Marketing, we feel like that is what makes us stand apart. Our people thrive on learning what’s new, working as a team, and working directly with the clients. Our goal is to create websites that are user friendly and beautiful. We dare you to give us a try!

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