Don’t Get Branded “Not Secure” with Google’s October Update

Google Chrome to Display Website Security Message Starting in October

Chrome is making a security change in October 2017Google is trying to do something to push website owners to make their websites more secure starting this October with the Chrome 62 update. In this update to Google’s Chrome browser, there will now be a “Not Secure” message for websites that do not have an SSL certificate for their website. So how do you know if your website will be affected?

Will My Website Be Affected?

Do you have a form on your website? A newsletter signup? A search feature? In the past it has been required to have an SSL certificate installed if you collect credit card information or social security numbers. But now, if you have users interact with your site in any of the methods listed above, you might want to consider installing an SSL certificate on your website.

Over 1 BILLION people use Chrome and it is the world’s most popular browser, so a lot of people might be seeing a message on your website that says you aren’t secure. Is that a chance you want to take?

What is an SSL Certificate?

If you look at the URL for your website – do you see an http:// or https:// at the front? If there is no “s” in http, you don’t have a SSL certificate installed. An SSL certificate, in simplest terms, encrypts the communication between a person visiting your website and website itself. In this day and age, when hacking is an everyday occurrence, a SSL certificate can be a small step you can take as a website owner to make the web a little bit safer. It also will make potential clients and customers visiting your website trust you that much more.

How We Can Help You Have a Secure Website

POGO MarketingDoes your website show http:// or https://? Are you secure? can assist you with purchasing and installing your SSL certificate. We will renew it for you each year to make sure it stays in place and you don’t have any downtime. If you are interested in learning more about this change from Google and how it can affect you, here are a few articles to read:

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