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full service marketing and development in Peoria, ILIn the past, when an organization did marketing, they used specialists for everything. They would have a separate department or hire outside consultants to do marketing research, marketing strategy, branding and advertising, sales, graphic design, video production, media purchasing, and web development. Hiring all these experts could be quite expensive. With a few exceptions, there was often little communication or coordination between functions. Worst, the time lapse between developing a marketing strategy to finally rolling out a promotional plan could be months. In that time, consumer needs could have changed, or a competitor could have gained a foothold in that market. That is why we recommend our full service marketing strategy with POGO Marketing.

POGO Marketing Agency – Peoria, IL – Offers One Stop Marketing

With advancements in digital technology, today’s marketing organization can turn to a single agency, POGO Marketing, to find specialists in all of these functions in one place. By doing marketing all in one place, not only will everything be coordinated, but you can implement your marketing or promotional strategy in days or weeks, rather than months or years. Also, you will be working with experts who are on the cutting-edge of web design, digital marketing strategy, and print, audio, and video advertising and promotional production. What’s more, POGO Marketing offers individualized customer service. We will tailor your marketing project to your needs and budget.

Who Do We Serve?

Full service marking including everything from billboards to web developmentAt POGO Marketing Agency Peoria, IL, we work with individuals, startups, small business, franchises, non profits, and large corporations. Our clients are in a wide range of industries, including financial and professional services, health care, high technology, manufacturing, restaurants, construction, automotive, real estate, and household cleaning and maintenance services.

What Services Do We Offer?

Marketing Services
POGO is a full-service marketing organization, we offer marketing services from branding strategy to implementing integrated marketing campaigns, including:

  • Corporate & Product Branding
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Trade Show Planning

Design and Media Services
We offer highly creative, state-of-the-art design and media services from print advertising and collateral to sophisticated radio, television, and outdoor billboard advertising, including:

  • Design Services
  • Media Production
  • Print Fulfillment & Consulting

Web & Digital Marketing Services
At POGO Marketing Agency, we do everything from designing award-winning websites to implementing the latest digital marketing technologies and strategies to minimize your response time and maximize your return on investment (ROI), including:

Why choose POGO Marketing?

Greg offers full service marketing including web development

Greg Wilson, President, POGO Marketing

At POGO Marketing Agency Peoria, IL, we appreciate that your primary purpose is to provide products and services to your customers. We are here to save your valuable time and money in developing and implementing a marketing strategy to connect you with the people you are serving. Whether you simply need a piece of marketing print collateral or want to develop a complete marketing and digital marketing strategy, POGO Marketing can help you with a customized, cost-effective one-stop marketing solution. Contact us today!

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