Digital Partnerships: Bringing Digital Marketing to Your Clients

The Digital Marketing Hub

We have found a need out there in the marketing world for what we call “The Digital Marketing Hub.” So, what is it and who benefits from it? A Digital Marketing Hub is a partnership with a business that needs to offer digital marketing services to a group of people either within their organization or to their clients because they currently don’t have the capability to do so. Who would benefit from this type of service? Let us give you some examples where it has worked well in the past.

Who Benefits from this type of Partnership?

Digital Marketing HubBusinesses that have dealerships or partners: If you own a business, and you have dealers or partners, how can you grow your business? You can get your dealers or partners to get more leads through a well-developed website or digital marketing. Being able to offer these services gives you a leg up on the competition. We can work directly with your partners or dealers to build a website for them and develop a custom plan for their digital marketing with both their goals and your goals in mind.

Partner with POGO for Digital MarketingFranchises: To be able to offer a built-in way to have a website built or having digital marketing already available as someone is considering to start purchase a franchise allows you to be more marketable yourself. With these tools built in you have one more selling tool in your arsenal. It will be easy to use your branding to build a website that fits your design needs but addresses the local needs of the local franchise owner as well.

SEO, PPC, Online Reputation Management and more are available.Marketing companies that are only in physical forms or marketing like print or signs: Many marketing companies want to break into the digital world but don’t have the staff or tools to do so. Partnering with POGO Marketing with a Digital Marketing Hub allows you to add the service without the hassle. We can seamlessly create a plan to offer website design and development and create digital marketing plans for your clients as your partner.

What Tools are Available in this Digital Marketing Partnership?

We offer the following tools to our Digital Marketing Hub partners and make custom plans for each end customer based on both parties needs:

Who wins from a Digital Marketing Hub with POGO Marketing? Our partner and their contacts who need our services. The goal is to increase the online presence for the end client in hopes of bringing everyone more leads and drive down the cost per lead for everyone. It’s a WIN/WIN! If you are interested in learning more about a Digital Marketing Partnership, contact Greg at POGO Marketing to schedule a meeting.



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