THE Digital Marketing Trend as We Head Towards 2019

It’s not to early to be thinking about your marketing plan for 2019. As we creep closer to the 4th quarter of 2018, you may be budgeting for 2019 for digital marketing. So what are the trends? Or, more importantly, is there a BIG trend we should be watching out for?

The Digital Marketing “Trend” to Care About Most

Digital Marketing Trend for 2019While there are numerous trends to be paying attention to, from design trends to usability trends, there is one trend we want to focus on in this article for 2019. That is the ability to know if your digital marketing dollars are being invested in the best way possible for your business.

We know, you are skeptical that we can track this information, but we can. Right down to the source of your leads, we can tell you where most of your ROI is coming from and when. So how do we do this?

Call Tracking & Form Tracking for ROI

Call tracking and form tracking aren’t new. What is new is the ability to be very specific about the source of that lead. POGO Marketing can provide you with access to your calls, where they are coming from, and what the SOURCE of that call is. Organic traffic is from search traffic where they click on a non-paid link. Paid traffic is if they click on a Google or Bing Ad result (for example). We can setup tracking numbers for multiple sources including print marketing and social media profiles to get even more specific!

It is very important to follow the trends that are coming up every year. But what we have learned from years of doing digital marketing is that each business needs a digital marketing trend tailored to their needs, and those needs are always changing. If we can be on top of where the leads are coming form we can do more of what works for your busines and less of what doesn’t work for your business.

So if you are finding that digital marketing companies are trying to pitch you one type of marketing over another, find out if they can prove to you how those different marketing and digital marketing tactics will work for them. For example, SEO is great and we recommend it for most businesses trying to grown their online presence. But if a company can’t prove that growth, what’s the point?

So as you talk trends for 2019, make sure that you are considering the most important one.

How do I prove what I am doing is working?

If you currently can’t answer that question it’s time to talk to POGO Marketing. Start tracking your digital marketing dollars in 2019 (or now! We’re ready for you!)


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