Making the Decision to Use Custom or Template Website Design

Photo of a computer screen with code listed on the screen.When you decide that you want to design your website, you must take into consideration the difference between templates and custom design. The choice you make will be based on several different factors including your budget, what you’re using the site for, and what you want to get out of the site. Custom vs. Template design will give you different options for what you need, and each has its pros and cons.

Custom Website Design

Your website is the face of your business. You want a website that looks new, fresh, and up-to-date with the ability to work on every device. A custom website would be a great choice for a unique and specialized design. If you want a website that stands out and gives you a competitive edge by not looking like every other website, a custom design could be the right choice for you. Additionally, the specialized nature of a custom website allows you to bring new visitors with handcrafted design to promote this. This design will increase visibility and sales because of the specialized attention to detail for the most accurate and helpful items to be included in your website, and it will gain more attention for being unique and standing out from the crowd.

The cons of custom website design are mostly due to the cost versus the cost of a template design. While a template design may not have all of the features of a custom website design, it may fit better within your budget if you have a small budget. However, it’s helpful to consider that the new clients and sales brought in by custom web design could be the catalyst to grow your business and may be worth the extra cost.

Template Website Design

This type of website design is nice for those who would like a cheaper upfront cost, but it’s important to recognize that because of the template the website will have certain limitations and many other people could be using the same design. A template gives an easy to put together a site with short development time. However, this means that the website may not be usable on every platform, there won’t be a team you know to help with issues, and you can’t customize it how you really want it.

Overall, the choice of custom web design versus template web design comes down to what you want out of your website, and what you want to gain from a new website design. Contact POGO Marketing today to find out which type of web design will work best for you.

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