The Business First Impression: Business Cards

How Important is Your Business Card?

First impressions are everything. That is what they say. In reality, when it comes to your business that may very well be true. Having a quality business card can make that first, lasting impression. So what exactly is important about your business card that will draw potential clients in. What makes you memorable?business card printing Peoria, IL

  1. Clean design: Having a business card with a simple, clean design is important. You want the focus to be on your logo for branding as well as easy to read contact information so it is very clear how people can get in touch.
  2. Business cards should be done with quality printing: Flimsy card stock just won’t do when it comes to your business cards. Having them printed on heavier stock or even from more durable materials like plastic make them last. People have also been known to associate the quality of your card to you!
  3. Consistency in branding: Your card should match your marketing materials so that your brand is clear and concise to potential clients.
  4. Bang for your buck: Even though business cards are small they can be mighty. For the cost you can’t beat having something on hand all the time to hand potential clients and customers.

Need help with Business Card Design & Printing?

We can help. We have years of experience in print design, and business cards are one of our specialities. Note that we also start with business cards, but can help with all other print services from trifold brochures to billboards. We go beyond print as well with website design and digital marketing to give you a complete lineup of marketing services. To get a quote contact us today. We look forward to starting you off on the right foot with great business cards (and more!

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