3 Recent Online Changes that Could Affect You

It’s been a busy few months for Google. There have been a number of recent changes in the Google World that could affect you as a business owner and a website owner. We through we would break it down for you.

SSL Certificate NOT SECURE! The latest release of Google Chrome is going to start displaying “Not Secure” in the address bar for ALL sites that do not have an SSL installed. An SSL is a secure socket layer. They are installed on websites to provide enhanced security. If you collect any type of information it has been recommended for quite some time to have an SSL certificate installed. It has also been said that it is a ranking factor for Google. Now if you don’t have an SSL installed people will see a “Not Secure” message which may deter some people from visiting your website. Pogo Marketing recommends you install an SSL certificate. This is something that needs to renewed annually and be installed annually. To get assistance with your SSL certificate call us!

Click here for more reading on this topic on the Google Blog. 

Website privacy policyGDPR Privacy Policy Frenzy: For weeks your inbox has likely been flooded with emails with the subject line “Our Privacy Policy has been updated!” This is because of new laws in the UK regarding data protection. People are wise to deal with this fact now, even if you aren’t in the UK or in Europe. Anyone, anywhere can likely visit your website so you could be affected by these new laws. It’s wise to read up on what GDPR is and how it could affect you. POGO Marketing can asssist you with getting your updated Privacy Policy on your website and we recommend consulting someone with legal expertise to make sure you have the right information in your Privacy Policy to meet the GDPR standards.

Click here for more reading on the GDPR right from the source.

data retention for Google AnalyticsData Retention in Google Analytics: Also related to the EU data retention laws, Google had to change how they retain data in Google Analytics. You now have to go in and tell Analytics how long you want to hold on to data. By default it is set to 26 months. If you want to hold on to historical website and traffic information longer in Analytics you have to change a setting. This took effect May 25th, 2018. It’s a simple step to take to ensure that you keep your data as long as you need to. There is a setting for the data to never expire, which is what we recommend for a setting if you are doing any type of digital marketing.

To learn more about this setting and how to change it you can click here to start.
If you have any questions on these changes or how they could effect you please don’t hestiate to call us and we will have you talk to our web team! These changes are proof positive that the internet is an ever changing place. This is true with everything from design trends to SEO to security. Stay with POGO Marketing to stay on top of how these changes can affect you and let us know if we can help.

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